Sunday, 21 April 2013

Still Sprouting!

So maybe a monthly update was a tad optimistic, as the Toddler formerly known as Baby Bean took over. Still, the pregnancy hormones have kicked in again and, whilst growing Reginald (due August this year; sex unknown), a lot of seeds are being planted and spring is in the air.

Apart from general soil improvement and plants settling into their beds, there hasn't been great change since the last post in May 2011. Until now. The Toddler's birthday weekend in April saw the foundations for a path being unearthed by Husband and Dad L. Mum L moved the amusing box globules. I dug over Bed B and applied poo. The location of a path has been hotly trodden for three years now, and the siting reflects the shape and size of the paved area. It has called for the demise of Bed C, which is no bad thing as the soil there was so poor that even with the addition of a compost bin's worth of good stuff resulted in one measly pumpkin last year. This leaves us with Bed A (aliums), Bed B (potatoes and strawberries), Bed D (legumes and cucurbits), and Bed E (roots, brassicas and cucurbits).

There you have it. The garden is still growing and the shaded woody border looks lovely this spring. Husband has suggested that instead of writing down when sowing and planting is done using pen and paper for filing in my garden folder, all that stuff goes in here. Not sure. I like pen and paper. But I guess he might actually look at this, being a smart phone addict! ;-)

PS. Am worried about the lack of compost on Bed E. The leeks were there until March and then it was too late to start turning the bed over before sowing carrots. What should one do?

PPS. Photos to follow. Took me an hour to log into this 'ere blog of mine, and now it's nearly 10pm (erm, way past bedtime; 6am getup grr grrrr zzzzzzzz).

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