Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Reginald makes his debut

At ten days past his due date, Reginald decided he would be born. Surprisingly, he did actually turn out to be male. I have until registration on Wednesday to convince Husband that Humphrey as a third name would be simply smashing.

All has been fairly quiet on the garden front. This evening (rather, yesterday - time flies when holding a reflux-y baby upright at odd hours) we ate the first and only cabbage with a heart. The outer leaves were lace, the middle layer contained many many slugs, but the wee heart was perfect.

On the subject of slugs, the other evening Husband spotted a large hedgehog in the garden. Hurrah! Might explain the mysterious poo on Bed A and the lack of slugs (other than under the netting). Haven't seen a hedgehog for years, so very pleased to have a local. Husband got excited and went to get a camera to capture the moment. Of course the hog had scarpered by the time he returned. We will have to be really careful about using any slug pellets. Although I only put a few in the netted bed when plants were just getting established and haven't since, there's still a niggle of guilt. What if Mister Hedgehog had ingested some?

We are eating raspberries, a few courgettes, strawberries and blueberries (well, Toddler is), potatoes, carrots, the two cucumbers and a cabbage. We are not eating French beans. Next year I am growing runner beans, which are far less fussy, even though Husband isn't a big fan. Stick 'em in stews and he won't notice.

Right, is it safe to put the little chap down without more sick? Need to get a sling for daytime wearing as the Ergo infant insert really doesn't seem comfortable for him. I digress. Zzzz...

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