Thursday, 19 September 2013


It took five days to get from picking to processing the crabapples, but 'twas done! We got seven jars of jelly that surprisingly set. One jar for the neighbour whose tree it is; one jar for Toddler to test with grandparents; one jar for Grandma and the Great Aunties; one jar for Granny the Jam Queen (who decreed it worthy of eating); one jar exchanged for marrow marmalade at another food swap; one jar started by us; one jar in the cupboard.

On the subject of eating, we had a Nigel Slater recipe to use up some cabbage and carrots. The cabbage have managed to hang on to their little hearts, so we're eating them.

Yesterday I relinquished the elderberry wine making due to lack of time (8 loads of washing on one non-rainy day to clean off baby sick and Toddler mud!). Instead our elderberries got turned into biscuits and cordial. The biscuits are soft like cookies and taste yummy, plus have got to be healthy despite the sugar. Rather pleased.

And how would we know what to do with all these things if the internet didn't exist? Thought we had a lot of recipe books but none of them have these in. This tablet thing is great! Husband gave it to me for Christmas, being a gadget man, and I wasn't too overwhelmed. I've been converted coz it's brill.

Yep, it's all about the eating at this time of year. Although in the back of my mind are thoughts about whether to sow seed from a bolted onion now; what to do about the moving of Bed D; the need to write down with a diagram this years' planting; the netting on Bed E being too large hole-wise; where to insert brassicas into the rotation; and other small ponderings. Mostly I just want to eat cake though (hey, it's a necessity for this milk producer!). And thus ends another 4am burping sesh.

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