Monday, 20 May 2013

Panic seed growing

The full title of this entry should be 'Panic seed growing and the resultant confusion of excessive numbers of pumpkins' (and cucumbers, courgettes, squash, lettuce, cabbages). I erred on the side of caution and planted two of everything in case the old seed didn't germinate. Then I planted some more as nothing seemed to be growing in the cold temperatures.

Now I am loathe to discard any of the wee planties, their having been obliging enough to put in an appearance. What to do? I'm assuming that the squash won't like my 'get on with it or die quickly' approach to life in the back garden, or most of the others, so should I freecycle the excess? But surely if they were given a chance...

Dunno. Will pot on and avoid the issue for a bit longer.

Had the bright idea of following a book (The Allotment Book by Andi Clevely) suggesting sowing leeks in modules then transplanting in clumps. Tried transplanting a clump at the weekend, only for it to fall apart. Harumph! Will just have to wait for the roots to wind together a bit more and hope that the leeks don't get too big for the modules (aren't they supposed to like room to stretch out down below?). I find it much easier to follow the old Dig for Victory manual 'The Vegetable Garden Displayed' by the RHS, as it gives straightforward directions with no embellishments (like companion planting - that distracted me for a long time!). In looking for a link to the book, I've found an article by Monty Don about it. Will stop trying to be modern and return to that, minus the vast quantities of man-made fertilizers. Might even try getting to grips with the hoe, whose qualities have so far eluded me. Without the aid of a dissertation to write, there is a lot less time available for hand weeding.

PS. Still no photos coz it involves turning on the computer, which gets abandoned once paid work is completed for the day.

PPS. Looked up building a greenhouse online the other days and came across this amazing allotment (demonstrating exactly why my squash will be rubbish):

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  1. So two cucumbers have gone to a new life up at the allotment. With suggestions that the supposedly sacrificial second is given a chance prior to failing miserably in the cold.