Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Yikes! Where did June go?

Oh dear, I seem to have missed June as I believe it's now July. We did go on holiday to Pembrokeshire, Wales, for a week (as per last year, kicking ourselves that it wasn't two weeks). Otherwise we must have just been doing the usual playgroups, shopping, working, cooking, growing thing. Anyhoo...

The garden is looking good. It likes sun and rain. We all like sun and (a reasonable amount of) rain. We've been eating lots of rocket which self-seeded two years ago and hasn't let go since. The lettuces are happy. The onions are mostly surviving the mystery defecating beast. The French beans have decided to honour us by emerging from the ground. The two courgette plants really do have wee yellow blobs on them. The cucumber plants are alive, as are three pumpkins. The strawberries are going great guns. The potatoes will be tested this week. The carrots, parsnips, celeriac, cabbages, broccoli and sprouts are growing (although the brassicas may not actually hearten up, but hey ho).

The leeks are still a disaster. How?! They are surely one of the easiest...grrrr...stupid books with trendy ideas...

Is it too late to sow squash seeds (yep, killed the seedlings in pots)?
Should I bother putting the rubbish module leeks in the ground?
Where should the extra pot of thyme be planted - will it make someone a happy companion?
Can I be bothered to crouch on a plank to sow chard?
When will I weed Bed E?
Is neat toddler urine okay for onions or is only fermented beery old man wee acceptable?

PS Four weeks one day til due date.

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