Monday, 21 March 2011

Getting ready for action

Autumn 2010
Eucalyptus, October 2010
After our tutting about the state and situation of the eucalyptus, Dryad Tree Specialists came to remove it at the end of October 2010. They cut useful wood into logs and ground out the stump. They also ground out the stumps of the leylandii hedge which Husband had previously taken great delight in decimating with a chainsaw. The goat willow was pruned, having become a bit overexcited, being in danger of knocking down the large garden wall and impeding lorries on the road. A branch of the silver birch was removed as it was rubbing against the main trunk, causing damage. Husband had removed the dying elder a month previously. Dryad shredded all of the smaller twiggy material and left us with a big sackful to be used as mulch.

Pruning the goat willow, October 2010

As an aside, we have a dream of installing a wood burning stove in the kitchen. This probably won't happen since the person we got in to quote never actually supplied one, having had a good nosey all over the house, thus leading us to believe it is way beyond our budget! A log pile is still good for insects and makes use of what will no doubt be yearly culls of the goat willow.

Naked garden!

With the aid of Uni Julie (who was obviously in dire need of entertainment!), we removed a layer of weed suppressant membrane from the patch between the garage and the ground eucalyptus stump. The garden was now laid bare, ready for plans to be put into action. However, frost, ice and snow meant that the garden was nigh on inoperable from November 2010 until February 2011, which was somewhat vexatious.

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