Monday, 28 March 2011

Making the beds!

February 2011
I started maternity leave on 14th February (the four hour daily commute was getting a bit much by 33 weeks pregnant, plus it was my birthday!) and Dad L came to stay for the week. I'd spent much of the winter concocting an ambitious scheme for the veg patches but had been thwarted by frozen earth for months, so that by the time the thaw arrived I wasn't up for heavy work. Dad L fortunately happens to love digging (mole-like tendencies?) so got to work removing turf and digging over two island beds for a decorative veg patch. He dug out lumps of old tarmac, concrete, bricks, an old pipe and tonnes of stones. I was on stone sorting duty and we now have an increasingly large pile of flints with which to construct a path or edging. Mum L helped to dig a bed after she got back from a CWR course.

Mum L with a fork

The amount of work completed was amazing and I'm sorry I wasn't much use! I did manage to put in the garlic though - four bulbs (one of which is 'pink') purchased from the Hampshire Potato Day event - and sow celeriac, marigolds, various wild flower seeds, basil, sweetpeas and cabbage in modules. We also planted three canes of raspberry 'Autumn Bliss'.

Raspberries along fence; garlic in bed; pile of flint in corner

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