Thursday, 17 March 2011

Homage to She Who Digs

Laylandii hedge, June 2010
Having enjoyed reading She Who Digs' blog and missing her pictures, I am going to try documenting the development of our back garden (the 'Adventurous' bit comes when we leap in after much time spent pondering!).

We moved in almost a year ago and the garden was pretty well a blank canvas. After removing a huge eucalyptus that was shading most of the garden and a 6ft high leylandii hedge that was a hideous dead end, some friends presented us with time from a garden designer that they'd won in a raffle.

Eucalyptus, June 2010
In November 2010, Edward Mairis drew up a design which we liked very much. We have been slowly deviating from the plan as the wind blows and plants get donated from family (erm, sorry Edward!). He got us to think about what we like so that the main elements of his design will still be visible in the long term: an informal veg area; a sunny flower border; some lawn; a woodland border; some decent seating; fruit trees; and a pergola which could be turned into a climbing frame for future adventures.

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