Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Spring is in the air

March 2011
Diggin' Dad L returned for more action on the garden front half way through the month. Over the course of a short weekend he managed to dig out a strange mound of topsoil from next to the fence. We think it must have been transferred from the area which had a weed suppressant membrane over it, although we'd no idea why they put a new fence in below the level of the soil so that the fencing was already starting to suffer! All this involved some re-turfing as couch grass infested ground was flattened and replaced.

Re-turfing and flattening the mound
Auntie Margaret had kindly donated her box hedge to us in autumn 2010, which we'd just shoved in the borders to overwinter. Dad L dug holes for and planted nine box plants as a suggestion of a path from the gate to the door, as well as a division between the lawn area and more informal veg patches. It will take a few years for the box to be shaped into balls or mounds, but they smell lovely and they make me smile. A visiting two-year-old was so enamoured by them that she hugged a couple with great glee!
Dad L with box
A spare box plant went out into the front garden in a dark corner - perhaps one day it will be a tall rounded lump. Dad L also dug a large hole ready for planting an apple tree in the corner. Grandpa L, Granny L and Uncle John came to visit bearing rhubarb crowns, which went in next to the raspberry canes.
Box 'path' and three of the four island beds
Dad L has been coppicing a hazel in their back garden for a while now, and he kindly donated some very useful rods which will be used to support various climbers. The end island bed in the above picture shows the wigwam where the french beans will be going in a month or so. The rest of the rods are propped against the leaf compost bin (no, it's not a bee hive, although the bees have been investigating).

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